A. Palojoki Oy is an import and wholesale company founded in 1970 and specialised in surface finishing technology. Our extensive selection includes grinding and polishing tools and machinery from ordinary bench grinding machines to highly tailored robotic solutions.

Decades of expertise in surface finishing technology and our comprehensive stock offer our customers the right products quickly and reliably. We are proud of our long-term customer relationships. Most of our customers operate in metal industry, engineering or construction industries, in glass, stone and wood industries; some are retailers in these sectors.


EXPER products serve our retailers

EXPER is our own brand which exclusively includes high-quality products with competitive prices. The selection includes a group of grinding and polishing equipment and diamond tools. The stylish packaging of EXPER products comply to all regulations.


Grinding and polishing equipment for industrial use

Our extensive selection of grinding and polishing equipment meets the needs of various fields of industry. Our products include grinding and cutting discs, sanding sheets, sanding rolls and belts, flap wheels and flap discs, steel brushes and various polishing equipment such as sisal and cotton buffing wheels and waxes, for example. We also stock a wide selection of abrasive equipment for floor grinding, suitable for the most common floor polishing machines in the market.


Diamond tools

We offer high-quality diamond tools for construction industry, concrete and stone industries, glass and glass fibre industries and for street construction and outdoor paving and landscaping. Various machinery of this field are also included in our selection, such as circular saws for bricks, tile saws, diamond grinders and grinding machines for glass industry.


Grinding and polishing machinery with solid experience

More than 40 years of experience in this field helps us to find the best possible grinder and polishing machine solutions for the various surface finishing needs of our customers. Many kinds of belt grinding machines, flat grinding machines and pipe grinding machines from manual tools all the way to robotic solutions complement our grinding product selection.

Test grinding together with the machine manufacturer guides the customer in successful choice of machine.


Contact wheel is an important part of belt grinding

The type, hardness and condition of the contact wheel influence essentially the grinding result and the wear of the grinding belt.

We deliver contact wheels made to measure with different hardnesses of rubber, vulkollan, polyurethane and neoprene.


Easy and affordable deburring with vibratory machines

Deburring is suitable for the finishing of serial or mass production pieces. It is suitable for small pieces made in large series and for large pieces when their grinding manually would be slow, costly or difficult due to their shape.

Vibrating deburring can remove burrs, round sharp bevels, grind or polish surfaces for the subsequent work stages or produce the desired quality of surface on the product. The correct surface is achieved as a joint impact of media granules and chemical additives. Together with our suppliers, we deliver our customers complete finishing solutions. Our solutions include equipment planning and equipment, equipment for recycling the process water, media and compounds as well as test grinding.

Filtering of grinding emulsions

It is good to filter the machining coolants and emulsions of grinders and machine tools used in metal industry. The filtering helps to keep the machinery and tools cleaner. Clean coolant improves the quality and dimensional accuracy of the manufactured pieces.

The suitable filtering unit is selected based on the filtering need. The correct choice of filtering material brings the desired filtering result. In addition to the quality of fabric, it is important to choose the right fabric density.
We deliver filtering material rolls to all the machines in the market.


Equipment for galvanic industry

Our galvanising technology selection includes filtering devices and materials, heaters, titanium products, plating drums, drying centrifuges, dosing and measuring devices, filter presses and waste water treatment devices.

With our collaboration partners we deliver the equipment from partial deliveries to complete surface finishing plants.


Contact information

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  • Galvanic equipments, please contact Pekka Raunio: pekka.raunio@a-palojoki.fi
  • Supplier Service and other issues, please contact: orders@a-palojoki.fi